Richmond, VA




The RWGA was organized in the Spring of 1929 and was the brainchild of Mrs. J.G. Spitz and Mrs. John S. Matten of Lakeside.  At that time there were only two lady golfers at the club.  Their idea was to get all of the lady golfers in Richmond to form an organization to give the ladies the opportunity to play the different courses and with golfers outside their own club.  The Clubs involved with this new organization were Lakeside, Hermitage, Country Club of Virginia and Glenwood.  Mrs. J.G. Spitz was the first President.  The first sponsor was Schwartzchild Bros. Jewelers, then came Thalhimers and then Miller and Rhoads.  The organization was not chartered at the first meeting but at a later date.  The first tournament named "Dutch Treat" was held at Lakeside Country Club.  There were 66 participants.  Mrs. J.G. Spitz shot an 84 to capture low gross honors.

Basically, the concept of RWGA is still the same, but has gone beyond the idea of just playing the game of golf for our own pleasure.  Our aim, no, our duty, is to teach younger golfers and remind seasoned golfers of the rules, etiquette and general conduct of good golf.  Long dresses or skirts were worn along with hats.  Shorts (of anykind), sunscreen, sun visors and golf carts were not on the agenda.  Golf carts came on the scene at the time Eisenhower was President.  There were plenty of caddies at all clubs, and one could not use a cart unless a letter from her physician was on file stating she was unable to walk the course.

Though our organization has grown to many more clubs now and has close to 200 members, our focus and purpose remains the same. In addition to having interclub contests and events, the RWGA also sponsors and runs the Richmond Women's Amateur Championship which is open to all female amateurs in the Richmond area.

The following clubs make up the RWGA:

  • Brandermill Country Club
  • Country Club of The Highlands
  • Country Club of Virginia
  • The Dominion Country Club
  • Hanover Country Club
  • Hermitage Country Club
  • Jefferson-Lakeside Country Club
  • Meadowbrook Country Club
  • Richmond Country Club
  • Salisbury Country Club
  • Stonehenge Country Club
  • Willow Oaks Country Club